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Rumba cha cha cha…

Is rumba Congolese? 

Born in the 40’s from the fusion of traditional Congolese music and Cuban music, a sort of soundtrack was born and gave rhythm to the changes in Congolese society until its independence. How widespread was this music in Africa? Who were its main stars? What remains today of these identity beats and their authors? BRIFF takes stock of the situation with two exceptional documentaries:

  • The Rumba Kings, Alan Brain, 2021 
  • Bakolo Music International, Benjamin Viré, Tom Vantorre, 2020 – in the presence of the film crew




Enjoy some furious rhythms!

Independence, cha cha… Stemming from the 1930s and the famous “Son Cubano”, the Congolese movement of this music with its swaying notes has embodied the passion for life of the entire African continent for over half a century. Like the river of the same name, it flows through the veins of its practitioners. Would you like to dive in? Whether your name is Marie-Louise*… or not, come and perfect your dance at the BRIFF Village!

DID YOU KNOW? Marie-Louise* is the first Congolese hit, created in 1948 by Wendo Kolosoy, a boat mechanic on the Congo River. It is covered by Bakolo Music International, the group featured in the eponymous documentary screened at BRIFF this year.


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