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3 questions for Héléna Noguerra, International Competition Jury Member

BRIFF Hello Helena. What does the festival mean for you?
HN It’s the expectation of seeing demanding and unique movies, be they Belgian or international. Movie movies. Films we dream of! Not cynical films but movies that offer us possible worlds. Movies where the artistic gesture is still predominant. In these times it’s an essential form of resistance.

BRIFF What makes you happy about attending the festival?
HN To discover things! To have a good excuse and not feel guilty for doing nothing but go to the movies for a week. Participate in a film orgy! I would love it if my job was to be a ‘professional audience.”

BRIFF In what way is attending the festival personal for you?
HN The return to my roots. Belgium is the country of my birth. To come back is essential! As is seeing that the artists are enduring!

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