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National Competition

A true showcase for cinema “Made in Belgium”, the national competition will allow you to enjoy national films before they open.

Discover the films that will compete in the national competition of this 5th edition of the BRIFF

  • A Parked Life by Peter Triest (documentary)
  • Dragon Women by Frédérique de Montblanc (documentary)
  • KRUMP by Cédric Bourgeois (fiction)
  • Le Voyage de Talia by Christophe Rolin (fiction)
  • Inner lines by Pierre-Yves Vandeweerd (documentary)
  • Entre la vie et la mort by Giordano Gederlini
  • Austral by  Benjamin Colaux (documentary)
  • Easy Tiger by Karel Tuytschaever (fiction)
  • Sous contrôle by Manuel Poutte (fiction)
  • Une bosse dans le coeur de Noé Reutenauer (documentary)


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