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Une jeunesse italienne (An Italian Youth) by Mathieu Volpe

Each week, we highlight films presented in the National Competition during the sixth Brussels International Film Festival.

This section enables the audience and professionals from all over the world to discover documentary and fiction films in their Belgian premiere. This week, the focus is on the film An Italian Youth (Une jeunesse italienne) by Mathieu Volpe

An Italian Youth

After its world premiere at the Festival Dei Popoli (Florence) in November 2022, the documentary by the Belgian-Italian director Mathieu Volpe will be presented at the BRIFF as a national premiere before its release in Belgian cinemas on 5 July 2023.

This documentary portrays Sokuro, a young Burkinabé immigrant in Italy, who has just married a girl from his village of origin. When he is forced to return to Italy to work, he waits for his girlfriend to join him in Europe. Back in his daily life, where he is under the pressure of a tiring job and caught in the turmoil of a long-distance relationship, Sokuro will have to choose the territory on which to build himself.

Une jeunesse italienne (An Italian Youth) rightly exposes the feeling of uprootedness that a young generation of immigrants undergoes.


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