Once Upon A Time In The West – Bozar – 22/06 – 7pm

The Leopard – Vendôme - 21/06 – 7.30pm

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Once Upon A Time In The West – Bozar – 22/06 – 7pm

- Discussion before the movie -

"When I was working with Fellini, there was no script, just improvisation. Nothing to do with Sergio Leone's method. With Sergio, there was a script and we had to stick to it. Everything was very specific. With Luchino Visconti, it was different, like theatre."

Guest of honor at the BRIFF, the Signora Cardinale accepted to answer questions from the public during a meeting which already promises an encounter filled with charm and shared emotions.

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The Leopoard – Vendôme - 21/06 – 7.30pm

- In the presence of Claudia Cardinale -

1860 in Sicily. The aristocracy found itself being suffocated by a newly democratic fervour. Prince Don Fabrizio Salina tries to hold on to the past, but it appears that his glory days are waning. As the revolt gathers steam and begins to affect a real change, the aging prince must come to terms with the new world that surrounds him.

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Grease - Bozar – 23/06 – 7pm


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Randal Kleiser, director of Grease, certainly, but also president of the academic committee of the Directors Guild of America, is one of the prestigious guests of this first edition. We welcome him to properly celebrate the 40th anniversary of his mythical musical, which has still not aged, but also to explain how he blew up the kid and shrunk the audience (you are warned!) and invented the Vistarama HD process.


Good girl Sandy and greaser Danny fell in love over the summer. When they unexpectedly discover they’re now in the same high school, will they be able to rekindle their romance ?

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Palace – 27/06 – 7pm


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Philippe Van Leeuw is a Belgian cinematographer and writer/director. He studied at INSAS and then at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles. He worked on Bruno Dumont’s La Vie de Jésus, then, among
other projects, Laurent Achard’s first two feature films and Claire Simon’s Les Bureaux de Dieu. Recently he worked on two Lebanese films including Mahmoud Hojeij’s Stable/Unstable. He is a member of AFC.
His first film, Le Jour où Dieu est partie en voyage, came out in 2009. He has won awards at numerous interntional festivals such as San Sebastian and Thessalonique. InSyriated (Une Famille Syrienne) is his
second feature film. The film won the Audience Award at Berlin in 2017 and many other awards since. In 2014 he was a member of the Golden Camera Jury at Cannes.

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The third edition of the Virtual Reality Festival in Belgium.

This year EXPERIENCE takes place during the BRIFF from 21 to 25 June at UGC De Brouckère and new this year, at BOZAR.


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On the program as headliner and first European broadcast, the latest production from the Innerspace studio: "The unfinished", an interactive musical experience with the participation of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

The producer and the director will be present on Thursday June 21 during the opening of the festival.

A documentary film "The Sun Ladies" on the Yezidis (Kurdish female fighters). "The real thing" a documentary that explores three "urban simulacres" located in the outskirts of Shanghai, inspired by Paris, Venice and London.

Sessions are booked in 1h increments from 12h to 21h.




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