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This summer, drop the beach, the mask and the snorkel and run rather watch some films.


Every Saturday from 19 June to 14 August, we will meet you at the Vaux-Hall (Brussels Park) as part of the programming 'cinema' of the "Vaux-Hall Summer", organised by the City of Brussels.

From short to feature films, there will be something for everyone!

When? Every Saturday from 19 June to 14 August

Where? Vaux-Hall - Brussels Park (1000 Brussels)

Free entrance!


19.06 - Short Films - Thema "Here comes the summer"

Les amoureuses - Catherine Cosme
Belgium - 2016 - 27' - FR OV with Ducth ST

Aline, Sara and Mouche all fall in love with the same man. But Aline is forty, Sara is sixteen and Mouche is seven. And Aline is the mother of the other two. Through love these women will learn how to cross their deepest fears, to face up to the gaze of others, and quite simply to love.




All inclusive - Corina Schwingruber Ilić
Switzerland - 2019 - 10'02'' - Silent Film

Under the spell of mass entertainment on the high seas.





Provence - Kato de Boeck
Belgium - 2019 - 21'57'' - Dutch OV with FR ST

During summer vacation, 11-year-old Camille and her older brother Tuur explore the new camping site in Provence. After the encounter with two Dutch teenage girls, Camille must fight for the attention of her beloved brother. The vacation proves a turning point for both siblings facing a new adult reality.




Las Palmas - Johannes Nyholm
Sweden - 2018 - 13'40'' - Silent Film

A middle-aged lady on a holiday in the sun tries to make new friends and have a good time. The role is played by a one year old girl, the rest of the cast are marionette puppets.

26.06 - Feature Film - "La Grand-Messe" - Méryl Fortunat-Rossi et Valéry Rosier

Belgium - 2018 - 70' - FR OV with Dutch ST

BRIFF 2018 - National Audience Award

The Tour de France.
Faithful followers converging on a mountaintop,
A stage of the legendary bicycle race is coming,
Throngs of RVs ’round the bend:
The ritual gathering has begun.

03-07 - Short Films - Thema "Comedy"

Lucha Libre - Ann Sirot & Raphaël Balboni
Belgium - 2014 - 12' - FR OV with Dutch ST

Jean and Aurélie, as many other couples, often trample across the swamps of love quarrels, where they encounter bad faith, unending argumentation, overreaction, stuborn silences, crying, shouting, etc. Jean and Aurélie are also the scientists of their own fights.




L'indigestion - Mathilde Remy
Belgium - 2016 - 6' - FR OV with Dutch ST

A family dinner is organized for the anniversary of the grandmother. This meal is an opportunity to see the anguish, the fears, the weaknesses of this family, under the eyes of a grandmother.




Bowling Killers - SĂ©bastien Petit
Belgium - 2013 - 10' - FR OV with Dutch ST

Tony and Simon are bowling champions for passion and hitmen out of need. They play a major game tonight but, before this critical match, they have to carry out a contract. What should have been a basic execution quickly turns into a surrealistic settling of scores with community tensions in the background.




Le Généraliste - Damien Chemin
Belgium - 2006 - 6' - FR OV with Dutch ST

Richard didn't want roast yesterday. Can the doctor help ?





Partouze - Matthieu Donck
Belgium - 2013 - 21' - FR OV with Dutch ST

Celine and Brigitte are tired of organizing tupperware parties.





State of Emergency Motherfucker - SĂ©bastien Petretti
Belgium - 2017 - 5' - FR OV with Dutch ST

“State of Emergency Motherfucker” is a surrealistic comedy that depicts a society where police violence and invasion of privacy are daily routine, normal, tedious. The victims themselves are used to it. Even the police is used to it! Everyday, they get back at it. Samy and Mehdi aren’t even paying attention to it anymore
 the viewer neither. The real question of the movie is to finally discover if Samy, did get some on the night of Valentine’s

10.07 - Feature Film - "Antoinette dans les CĂ©vennes" - Caroline Vignal

France - 2020 - 97' - FR OV with Dutch ST

BRIFF 2020 - Closing Film

Antoinette has been waiting for months for the summer and the promise of a romantic week with her lover, Vladimir. But when he cancels their holiday to go to the Cevennes with his wife and daughter, Antoinette doesn’t have to think long: she’s going after him! Once she arrives however, Vladimir isn’t present, only Patrick: a stubborn donkey who will accompany her on her special venture.

17.07 - Short Films - Thema "Wind of change"

La Costa Dorada - Noémie Gruner
Belgium - 2017 - 11' - OV with FR/Dutch ST

In order to help her parents who are affected by the crisis in Spain, Erika leaves for a job on the Costa Dorada seacoast. There, she will sing for tourists while in Madrid, one of the most important demonstrations of the “Indignados” social movement is about to take place. Alone in an unknown city, she finds herself confronted even more brutally with the crisis.




May Day - Oliver Magis & Fedrik de Beul
Belgium - 2017 - 22' - FR OV xith FR/Dutch ST

In Thierry’s living room, several people have gathered. None of them know each other but they are all there to try and fulfil the same dream. They want to find a job
and quickly. But we’re in Brussels, so nothing goes quite as planned.




M.A.M.O.N - Alejandro Damiani
Mexico - 2016 - 5''55'' - OV with FR/Dutch ST

While Donald Trump is undergoing heart surgery, a portal to another reality opens. Latinos start falling from the sky to the desert, on the Mexico - US border, divided by an enormous wall. An hilarious war breaks between a Trump-like mecha robot and several stereotypical Mexican Latinos.




Les Petites Mains - RĂ©mi Allier
Belgium - 2017 - 15' - FR OV with Dutch ST

Leo, 2, is the son of the director of a chemical plant. When workers find out that the direction is about to close the factory, Bruno, a more radical worker, kidnaps Leo to negotiate




Vihta - François Bierry
Belgium - 2018 - 21' - FR OV with Dutch ST

Serge and his four colleagues work for a small business, freshly bought by a large group. As a welcome gift, their new boss invites them to enjoy a day in a thermal center.

24.07 - Feature Films - "Mon ket" - François Damiens

Belgium - 2018 - 89' - FR OV with Dutch ST

BRIFF 2019 - Belgorama

Dany Versavel has problems with his son Sullivan, who is on the 15-year-old age is who wants no father more which the tough hero hang out behind the bars. For Dany is his "ket" his life, he would not, under any circumstances to lose him, and so he decided early to escape from prison.

31.07 - Short Films - Thema "On the road"

Schroot - Anthony Van Roosendael
Belgium - 2016 - 11'12'' - Dutch OV with FR ST

Geert Van Steenkiste, “The Photo Radar Marathon Man”, loves his old car, a Nissan Micra, so much that he can’t let go of it. When a repo man comes to collect his car, he takes things a little further.




Le signaleur - Benoit Mariage
Belgium - 1997 - 18' - FR OV with Dutch ST

A couple of cycle-race organizers turn up at an old people's home looking for someone who could be relied upon to act as an official during the race...





Le film de l'été - Emmanuel Marre
Belgium - 2017 - 31'59'' - FR OV with Dutch ST

Summertime, August. Holidaymakers take the motorway to the south. Philippe has a professional appointment in Lyon. His old mate Aurélien is driving to Marseille with Balthazar, his son. No problem, they'll drop him. Sweat, icecreams melting on children's clothes, rest areas, concrete picnic tables, lines to gas station's restroom, playgrounds, tepid melon slices, gazoline smell, couldn't care less of Philippe's desperation. Then Philippe wants to leave. Balthazar holds him back.



Darth by darthwest - Fabrice Mathieu
France - 2016 - 5'43'' - Silent Film

Close encounters of the third kind for Cary Grant! "Darth by Darthwest": when Hitchcock meets Lucas...

07.08 - Feature Film - "Ni juge, ni soumise" - Yves Hinant & Jean Libon

Belgium - 2017 - 99' - FR OV with Dutch ST

BRIFF 2018 - National 'Grand Prix'

The extraordinary, offbeat judge Anne Gruwez takes us behind the scenes of real life criminal investigations. For three years the satirical team behind the cult TV series Strip-Tease captured what no one had dared film before. Unapologetic and politically incorrect. You won’t believe your eyes.

14.08 - Short Films - Thema "I'm going crazy"

Choque - Nacho Vigalondo
Spain- 2005 - 10'53'' - OV with FR/Dutch ST

A couple in their late twenties discovers an underground drag-racing track.





Enough - Anna Mantzaris
UK - 2017 - 2'22'' - Silent Film

This film centers around impulses we all can feel but never act upon. Showing glimpses of emotional anarchy and moments of lost self-controll.





Kulturen - Ernst De Geer
Norway - 2018 - 25'22' - OV with FR/NL ST

It’s the opening night at the concert house where Arvid works, but when his sister steals the spotlight, his worst sides are revealed.





Weg met Willem - Willem Bosch
Netherlands - 2015 - 11'53'' - Dutch OV with FR OT

Six year-old Willem's parents drop him off in a strange village, leaving him with two unhygienic strangers. Hours later, Willem still hasn't been collected. He realises he has been abandoned and will have to make his own way home on foot, as far as his little legs will carry him.




Tienminutengesprek - Jamille van Wijngaarden
Netherlands - 2019 - 11'21'' - Dutch OV with FR OT

A primary school teacher-parent meeting goes from bad to worse when the veteran teacher has her methods called into question.

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