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100 seasons

100 Årstider

Giovanni Bucchieri

03.07 Galeries 21:00 TICKETS
05.07 UGC De Brouckère 13:00 TICKETS
Docu-Fiction . 104' . Sweden . 2023 . SV-FR-EN / ST : FR-EN

Inspired by real video diaries of his first love, which he filmed around 30 years ago, director Giovanni Bucchieri unfolds an emotional love story starring two artists and soulmates. Their relationship is challenged by bipolar disorder, ambition in life and longing for acceptance. 100 SEASONS offers a colorful mix of passion, tenderness, and romance. An inspiring and heartfelt film about dreams, failure and love that can never die.

★ In the presence of director Giovanni Bucchieri

🌿 International Film Festival Rotterdam
Götenorg Film Festival


Giovanni Bucchieri

Louise Peterhoff

Michel Riddez

Andreas Nygård

Emma Veronica Johansson

Karin Franz Körlof

David Lagerqvist

Stina Ekblad

Gerhard Hoberstorfer

Lia Boysen

Vatche Waritan

Karin Bertling

Vera Ölme Peterhoff

Alexander Mørk-Eidem

Karim Rahali


Giovanni Bucchieri


Giovanni Bucchieri



Axel Pettersson


Niklas Björklund


Robert Krantz

Magnus Svensson


Stefan Levin

Giovanni Bucchieri


French Quarter Film


Pluto Film Distribution Network GmbH

Giovanni Bucchieri

Director's Portrait_Giovanni_Bucchieri_Photographer©Axel_Pettersson B&W

Giovanni Bucchieri, born 1973, is a director, actor, choreographer, dancer, composer and singer. He’s a classically trained dancer who after his career at the Royal Swedish Ballet and the Cullberg Company continued into a career varying between all the above-mentioned professions, working with the best stages for dance and theatre in Sweden. He has directed a range of short films. 100 SEASONS is Bucchieri’s debut feature film, produced by French Quarter Film.


2015 : Rosanna – A Portrait (short)

2016 : Juliet, Juliet and Juliet(short)

2019 : David (short)

2020 : Pearls (short)

2022 : Look Your Last (short)

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