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Le kiosque

The Kiosk

Alexandra Pianelli

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Documentary . 78' . France . 2020 . FR / ST : EN/NL

Le Kiosque (The Newsstand) is a video diary filmed by Alexandra, a youngartist who has come to help her mother who runs a newsstand in a chicParis neighbourhood. The filmmaker, while fulfilling her old childhooddream of playing at keeping shop, discovers the business of sellingnewspapers and gets to know the customers. While holding the till of thenewsstand, as members of her family have donefor a hundred years,Alexandra films the world go by with her telephone. But the printed pressis in crisis and this game turns out to be a little more complicated than she expected…

National Premiere

In the presence of the director



Alexandra Pianelli


Alexandra Pianelli

Zoé Chantre


Alexandra Pianelli

Cyrille Carillon


Olaf Hund


Léa Chatauret


Les Films de l’œil sauvage


Les Alchimistes

Alexandra Pianelli

Alexandra FUN

Alexandra Pianelli is a graduate of the School of Decorative Arts ofStrasbourg.As an artist she is interested in working on the notions of work and play,she loves to work with her hands and sees herself as a versatile andresilient individual, she says if she was an object, she’d be a Swiss armyknife.Her work is based on reaching out to others. To paying attention to theperson right next to you whom you hadn’t noticed before.Her documentary filmmaking approach is one in which reality mixes withfiction and attempts, in the form of a game, to bringinto contact differentdimensions of reality which are usually distinct from one another.For several years now she has been making films about her day jobs.These documentaries, in which we see her at work, allow her to be creativeas an artist while making a living.


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