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Le Syndrome des amours passées

The (ex)perience of love

Ann Sirot, Raphaël Balboni

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Fiction . '89 . Belgium, France . 2022 . FR / ST : NL-EN

Rémy and Sandra are unable to have a child as they suffer from “Past Love Syndrome.” In order to be cured, they only have one solution: they have to sleep once again with each and every one of their past lovers.

★ In the presence of directors Ann Sirot and Raphaël Balboni | 📽 Release: 20.09.23 |🌿 Semaine de la critique – Special screening


Lucie Debay

Lazare Gousseau

Florence Loiret-Caille

Ninon Borsei


Ann Sirot

Raphaël Balboni


Ann Sirot

Raphaël Balboni


Jorge Piquer Rodriguez


Sophie Vercruysse

Raphaël Balboni


Julie Roué




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Ann Sirot, Raphaël Balboni

Réalisateurs + copyright

Ann Sirot and Raphaël Balboni are a tandem of fiction writer-directors. They have made eight short films and two feature films. Through these projects, they have been able to build a strange, offbeat universe, a hybrid and atypical cinema, a delirious and joyful dream world. With the short films Lucha Libre and Avec Thelma, they established their working method, which is based on very free and spontaneous acting, a sustained jump cut rhythm and an organic narrative construction where accidents are integrated into the story.

Une vie démente, their first feature film, is a bittersweet comedy about a couple coping with a parent suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. The film won seven Magritte awards and a number of festival prizes.

Their second feature, Le Syndrome des Amours Passées, is a romantic comedy in which the authors question the way we think about love, desire, experience and having children.


2011: La version du loup (short)

2012: Fable domestique (short)

2014: Lucha libre (short)

2017: Avec Thelma (short)

2020: Une vie démente (feature)

2021: Des chose en commun (short)

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