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Green Planet

Bug out. Hit the road. On your own or with your family. Question everything. What does living on this planet mean these days with the pandemic and the natural calamities? The Green Planet screenings raises all these questions through four movies: and Captain Fantastic, Into the Wild, Bigger Than Us and Wilcox. A way to reflect on the various perspectives on the future. Will you join us?

Bigger than us

by Flore Vasseur

2020 / France / 96' / MULTIST: FR/NL

Captain Fantastic

by Matt Ross

2016 / USA / 120' / ENST: FR/NL


by Denis Côté

2019 / Quebec (Canada) / 66' / FRST: NL

Into The Wild

by Sean Penn

2007 / USA / 147' / ENST: FR

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