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Once upon a time

The history of cinema is full of surprises and, every now and then, a film brings freshness to a genre or invents a new one. A director manages to create something completely new by bringing together things that are well-known. Our selection offers a first exploration of some films that really changed the history of cinema. They are precious because they remind us that creativity is always extremely powerful. By combining the ingredients with science and intuition, a good cook can invent a new recipe that will please the whole world. And we need new flavours to change our habits.

This programme is curated by the Cineteca di Bologna

28.06 - 18:30

L’uccello dalle piume di cristallo

by Dario Argento

1970 / Italy / 96' / IT – ST: FR-EN

30.06 - 21:15

Per un pugno di dollari

by Sergio Leone

1964 / Italy / 100' / EN – ST: FR

2.07 - 18:45


by Thomas Vinterberg

1997 / Denmark / 105' / DA – ST: FR-EN

29.06 - 18:00


by Jean Renoir

1935 / France / '81 / FR – ST: EN

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