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Tales of amore

Italian movies focus

Sarà perché lo amo… One thing for sure: we love italian cinema, and we know why. Truly, madly, deeply… Whether they are Bicycle Thieves or Little Devils, whether they play Romeo, Rocco or his brothers, whether their names are Gina or Claudia, we do know why we fall for all those who have forged it with “amore e fantasia”.

To pay tribute to this Italian heritage, the BRIFF has collaborated with the Cineteca di Bologna to bring together five fully restored gems, emblematic of the transalpine cinematographic art of the 1950s and 1960s. Signed by the country’s greatest directors such as Antonioni, Ferreri and Pasolini, and then coated with the “amore” that the Italians have established as an art of living, they generously contribute to enriching the cinematographic heritage of the most romantic of peninsulas.

27.06 - 19:00

Comizi d’amore

by Pier Paolo Pasolini

1964 / Italy / 92' / ITST: FR

28.06 - 19:15

Cronaca di un amore

by Michelangelo Antonioni

1950 / Italy / 98' / ITST: FR

30.06 - 19:00

Una storia moderna –L’ape regina

by Marco Ferreri

1963 / Italy, France / 93' / ITST: FR

30.06 - 21:30

La ragazza in vetrina

by Luciano Emmer

1961 / Italy, France / 92' / ITST: EN/FR

1.07 - 19:00

Giorni d’amore

by Giuseppe De Santis

1954 / Italy, France / 103 / ITST: FR

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