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Visuel BRIFF 2021 - 30 x 20 cm - rgb - 72 dpi



The Return of the Stripes... is not the title chosen by Coppola for the prequel of The Godfather, but the announcement of good news: the 4th edition of the most zebra-like of Brussels events has been announced!

Yes, the BRIFF will take place in the Belgian capital, but due to circumstances, it will take place next September.

Yes, the BRIFF will be back on the big screen, the one that will finally allow us to savour together strong images and emotions that we have been missing so much.

On this occasion, we wanted to unveil Festival's brand new visual!



In order to organise our event in the best conditions, the BRIFF will take place from Wednesday 1st to Saturday 11th of September 2021, in the heart of Brussels.



By buying a PASS, you will have access to the Opening and Closing nights (reservation needed) and to all Festival screenings for only 30 EUR!

Not to mention the many bonuses we have in store for all the zealous ones who, like you, won't hesitate to buy the "all in" package!



Because we miss you. Because we miss cinema. Because we all want to experience the Great Emotion together. The one that comes from film sets and from the roles that we have all been dreaming of playing for so long. Long live Brussels !
Long live Cinema !

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