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Our (Green) Planet

Life on our planet isn’t always pink…or green for that matter. This planet which is our architect home, our kit, can also be the cradle of mourning. A masked mourning, far from the eyes and far from the heart that we live in the most total Isolation. Our two films are journeys. Sterile and motionless journeys. In the gravity and loneliness of the Covid for one. In the bowels of architect houses for the other. Two faces that allow us to see our world in all its (in)humanity. Our planet, suffocated too, we love it or we “kit” it.

  • Isolation by Jaco Van Dormael, Michele Placido, Julia Von Heinz, Olivier Guerpillon, Michaël Winterbottom.
  • La vie en kit by Elodie Degavre
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