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Nous Tous

All of Us

Pierre Pirard

05.09 Palace 21:00 TICKETS
06.09 UGC De Brouckère 16:45 TICKETS
Documentaire . 91’ . België . 2021 . FR/EN / ST : FR/NL/EN

We vonden moedige burgers met verschillende geloofsovertuigingen die niet bang zijn van hun medemensen. Zij durfden de stap te zetten naar een leven waarin ze harmonieus samenleven met anderen. Aan de hand van verhalen over de hele wereld, nemen we een kijkje naar de multi identiteit en harmonieuze wereld van morgen.

Belgische première

In aanwezigheid van de filmploeg



Pierre Pirard


Julien Cherpion


Céline Bodson


Manuel Roland

Nora Jamoulle


Mathieu Pierart




Be For Films


ScreenBox (Belgium)

Pierre Pirard

Pierre Pirard - Director

With degrees in law (ULB – University of Brussels) and business management from Solvay Business School (Brussels), Pierre pursued a career in the private sector for more than 25 years, holding management positions in small and large companies (including Procter & Gamble, Stanley Tools and Reckittbenckiser). In 2009, he made a radical career change by becoming a secondary school teacher in schools in Molenbeek, Brussels where a majority of pupils came from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds. In 2011, he shared this experience in a book evocatively titled: “You’re not shitty students”. During his years as a teacher, Pierre met many people who shared his vision of struggling for more fairness in educational success. Pursuing his vision, Pierre took yet another new turn in his career and, together with other social entrepreneurs, in 2013, launched ‘Teach for Belgium’ as part of the ‘Teach For All network’. In addition to these activities in Belgium, Pierre is involved in development projects in Senegal in the village of Palmarin. Far from the identitarian tensions that we are confronted with in our countries, in this village, Christians and Muslims live in perfect harmony with disconcerting ease. This new reality became the starting point of a quest that would take Pierre across the different continents in search of inspiring stories of citizens who have made the wager to go towards the other and who can be a source of inspiration to us all.


First film

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