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Meet the members of the selection committee of the Directors’ Week

The BRIFF is proud to present the 2023 committee of the Directors’ Week, a competition celebrating the creativity and originality of European cinema. Four perspectives to offer you a selection of bold and creative feature-length films that play with the cinematographic language and will awaken their audience. The key word: curiosity.

The comittee is composed of 4 Belgian directors who have already gained recognition in festivals and cinemas in Belgium and abroad:

  • Raphaël Balboni (Une Vie Démente, 2020, co-directed by Ann Sirot)
  • Maya Duverdier (Dreaming Walls, 2022, co-directed by Amélie van Elmbt)
  • Nicole Palo (Emma Peeters, 2018)
  • Raf Reyntjens (Paradise Trips, 2015)

This section is set up in collaboration with the ARRF.

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