20-29.06 2019


Brussels International Film Festival


Make way for the next generation!

During the festival, young enthusiasts are invited to become web reporters, actors or film critics by participating in our workshops: activities for all ages and all tastes to live a unique experience at the heart of the Festival!

The objectives:

  • Learn how to use a camera, make reports and film reviews.
  • Develop critical thinking skills
  • Discover works, meet directors and other young people
  • Get involved in a creative process and stimulate your imagination

Information and registration: 02 248 08 72

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Dubbing workshop (from 12 years old)

The apprentice actors, supervised by a professional actress, learn the art of dubbing and learn to interpret a character from a film, cartoon or TV series.

More info coming soon

Writing workshop for film critics (from 15 years old)

The Festival invites future journalists to develop their critical talents and to publish their articles with the help of an expert coach!

More info coming soon

Webreporters workshop (from 12 years old)

Want to become a reporter and discover the backstage of the Festival?

Supervised by a team of professionals, participants will be introduced to the art of reporting and editing by interviewing directors and actors from around the world.

In collaboration with the asbl Comme Un Lundi

More info coming soon

All videos from webreporter workshop are available on our YouTube channel.