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Bozar Ukrainian Spring

Ukrainian Spring is the annual festival of Ukrainian culture that combines films and talks with internationally acclaimed creators. This year the program will be presented in the framework of the BRIFF and consists of 3 films by Ukraines new generation of already widely lauded filmmakers. Through their eyes they grant us different perspectives on the sometimes despairing situation that the country is still going through. New voices, with urgent messages that demand to be seen.

Ukrainian Spring, is an initiative supported by the Embassy of Ukraine in Belgium, the Association of Ukrainians in Belgium, the Ukrainian State Film Agency, BOZAR and Arthouse Traffic.

Pohani Dorohy

by Natalya Vorozhbit

2020 / Ukraine / 105' / ST:


by Oleg Sentsov

2020 / Ukraine, Poland, France, Czech Rep / 104' / ST:


by Valentin Vaysanovych

2019 / Ukraine / 106' / ST:

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