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brussels Co-Production Market

June 28th, 29th & 30th, 2023

This activity is organised in English

For: producers, buyers (international sales,
distribution, TV, …)

Call for projects deadline: March 13th, 2023

The Brussels Co-Production Market is an initiative that aims at supporting promising feature films in development and connecting them with potential partners. Created in 2016 with a focus on helping European producers with finding Belgian minority co-productions, it has been divided in two different sections:

  1. the Gap Financing Sessions, in keeping with the initial goals of the Market, a selection of European projects specifically looking for Belgian collaborators,
  2. UP: Up-and-coming Producers, a section specifically designed for producers in their early career.


The selected projects are presented during pitch sessions and one-to-one meetings. Industry professionals who wish to meet with the project holders are invited to register as attendees.

As part of our partnership with the Festival International Music & Cinema à Marseille (MCM), the Music & Cinema Award is granted to one of the selected projects.


Are you working on a short film? Click here


Gap Financing Sessions
  • Man of the house by Andamion Murataj, produced by Lissus Media - Albania
  • Sorya by Denis Do, produced by Special Touch Studios - France
  • The Excursion by Miroslav Terzić, produced by This and That Productions - Serbia
  • The Good Larron by Emiliano Torres, produced by Eaux Vives - France
  • The Mountain (working title) by Ásthildur Kjartansdóttir, produced by LittleBig Productions AB et Film Partner Iceland ehf - Sweden, Iceland
  • The Myth of a real man by Lee Filipovskic, produced by Dart Film - Serbia
  • The Passing Deaths by Agustin Banchero, produced by Tarkio Films - Uruguay
  • « Halaqat » projects
    • Carnaval by Mohamed Siam, produced by Linked Production – Kuwait, Egypt
    • Plum Season by Rim Mejdi, produced by Tifaw Films Production – Morocco
    • Tunis-Djerba by Amel Guellaty, produced by Atlas Vision & Haut Les Mains Productions – Tunisia, France
UP : Up-and-coming Producers
  • A Siege by István Kovács, produced by Good Kids Productions - Hungary
  • A Springsteen Song by Tommy Oksen, produced by Snowglobe - Denmark
  • Bells of Kaboul by Chabname Zariab, produced by Alta Rocca Films - France
  • Circular Motion by Thanos Psichogios, produced by Argonauts Productions - Greece
  • Cracks by Elisa Puerto Aubel, produced by El Gatoverde Producciones - Spain
  • Escape Net by Dzintars Dreibergs, produced by Kultfilma - Latvia
  • Lovebots by Martina Sakova, produced by Projector23 GmbH & Co KG - Germany
  • Medusas by Ely Chevillot, produced by Bo Dream Productions - Belgium
  • Nothing to see here by Borbála Nagy, produced by Voices Films - Germany
  • Resonance by Yordan Petkov, produced by Garti Films et Portokal - Bulgaria
  • Underdog by Zoel Aeschbacher, produced by Yukunkun Productions - France

Find all information regarding the selected projects in the projects booklet.

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