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The BRIFF’s 2022 edition is over. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming 2023 edition!

This activity is organised in French

For: screenwriters, directors, producers, buyers (international sales, distribution, TV, …), investors (regional funds, …)

Call for projects: opening soon

In partnership with the ARRF and the ASA

PiTCH aims at connecting film authors, resident of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (the French-speaking Community of Belgium) with potential partners for their feature fiction project (producers, broadcasters, sales agents, distributors, …) during a pitch session.

The projects are submitted as a one-page long synopsis and are assessed and selected by a selection committee of authors.

The authors selected will benefit from individual training sessions with a pitch expert before pitching their project to an audience of film professionals.


Congratulations to the 2022 winners awarded with a 1.000€ grant to keep on writing and developing their project :

  • Ma mère est une star by Gabriel Pinto Monteiro – SACD & ASA Award
  • SLAMopéra by Vinciane Zech – Banque Triodos Award
  • Helter Skelter by Paul Vincent De Lestrade, produced by Need Productions – Sabam for culture Award
  • All The Time by Amélie Derlon Cordina, produced by Matching Socks Venture – Award



Projects without producer

  • Hikiko by Alice Ley
  • La dernière course by Alexis Jeannot
  • LIP by Camille Gainnet
  • Ma mère est une star by Gabriel Pinto Monteiro
  • Noseville (en basse saison) by Colin Cressent
  • Putains de papillons by Christophe Clin
  • SLAMopéra by Vinciane Zech
  • Mon combat by Taylan Barman

Projects with producer

  • C'est tout ce qu'on aura by Pauline Beugnies, produced by Tarantula
  • Les Immortelles by Maïa Descamps, produced by Fox the Fox
  • Miungu by Aline Parmentier & Virginie Poncelet, produced by Big Trouble in Little Belgium
  • OFF by Benjamin Dessy & Lionel Delhaye, produced by Narrativ Nation
  • Wallifornia Dreamin' by Daphné Huynh & Lucy Mattot, produced by par Kozak Films
  • Helter Skelter by Paul Vincent De Lestrade, produced by Need Productions

Low budget

  • Il pleut dans la maison by Paloma Sermon-Daï, produced by Michigan Films
  • Koute Vwa (écouter la voix) by Maxime Jean-Baptiste, produced by Twenty Nine Studio & Production
  • Vitrival Travail by Baptiste Bogaert & Noëlle Bastin, produced by Naoko films
  • Sauvons les meubles by Catherine Cosme, produced by Hélicotronc
  • All The Time by Amélie Derlon Cordina, produced by Matching Socks Venture
  • ARRF Award (500€ cash) : Cloë jolis monstres by Pauline Roque
  • ASA Award (consultancy in script doctoring for a value of 500€) : Wallifornia Dreamin' by Daphné Huynh & Lucy Mattot
  •  SACD Award (500€ cash) : Tell al Zaatar (La colline du thym) by Sarah Carlot Jaber
  • SABAM Award (500€ cash) : Quand ce sera la fin du monde on sera riches by Rémi Allier
  • Screen.Brussels Award (2 x 500€ cash) : Black Moon Tango by Georges Vanev & Emilie Franco & L'homme de chambre by Diane Ntahimpera
  • Triodos Award (500€ cash) : L'or rouge by Mathieu Volpe

The 16 projects selected for this 2nd edition, among about 100 applications, were :

10 emerging projects (without a producer):

  •     "Wallifornia dreamin’" by Daphné Hyunh
  •     "Paradise" by Elisabeth Silveiro
  •     "In Vivo" by Maud Carpentier & Boris Tilquin
  •     "Caniche Killer" by Romain Pradaut
  •     "Black Moon Tango" by Georges Vanev & Emilie Franco
  •     "L’homme de chambre" by Diane Ntahimpera
  •     "Secret de famille" by Farah Youssouf
  •     "Cloë jolis monstres" by Pauline Roque
  •     "Piège" by Simon Heymans
  •     "Tell al Zaatar (La colline du thym)" by Sarah Carlot Jaber

6 advanced projects (with a producer):

  •     "Le rocher des grands malades" by Caroline Bruyr (Calach Films)
  •     "L’or rouge" by Mathieu Volpe (Les Films du Fleuve)
  •     "Trouver place" by Anne Levy-Morelle (Need Productions)
  •     "Derrière la porte" by Julien Demarche (White Boat Pictures)
  •     "Pêcher" by Cécile Rittweger (Iota Productions)
  •     "Quand ce sera la fin du monde, on sera riches" by Rémi Allier (Wrong Men)
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