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This activity is organised in French.

In partnership with the ARRF and the ASA, the SACD and, PiTCH is an event that aims at putting in touch film authors (directors and screenwriters) domiciliated in the French-speaking Community of Belgium with potential partners for their feature project (producers, boadcasters, international sales agents, distributors...) through pitching sessions.

The 2nd edition of PiTCH will take place from August 31st to September 3rd and will enable 16 feature project holders to benefit from a training session given by pitching expert Claire Dixsaut before delivering their pitch in front of an audience composed of producers, international sales agent, distributors, exhibitors and programmers, regional funds, ...

See you in 2022 pour the 3rd edition of PiTCH !




  • ARRF Award (500€ cash) : Cloë jolis monstres by Pauline Roque
  • ASA Award (consultancy in script doctoring for a value of 500€) : Wallifornia Dreamin' by Daphné Huynh & Lucy Mattot
  •  SACD Award (500€ cash) : Tell al Zaatar (La colline du thym) by Sarah Carlot Jaber
  • SABAM Award (500€ cash) : Quand ce sera la fin du monde on sera riches by Rémi Allier
  • Screen.Brussels Award (2 x 500€ cash) : Black Moon Tango by Georges Vanev & Emilie Franco & L'homme de chambre by Diane Ntahimpera
  • Triodos Award (500€ cash) : L'or rouge by Mathieu Volpe

The 16 projects selected for this 2nd edition, among about 100 applications, are :


10 emerging projects (without a producer):

  •     "Wallifornia dreamin’" by Daphné Hyunh
  •     "Paradise" by Elisabeth Silveiro
  •     "In Vivo" by Maud Carpentier & Boris Tilquin
  •     "Caniche Killer" by Romain Pradaut
  •     "Black Moon Tango" by Georges Vanev & Emilie Franco
  •     "L’homme de chambre" by Diane Ntahimpera
  •     "Secret de famille" by Farah Youssouf
  •     "Cloë jolis monstres" by Pauline Roque
  •     "Piège" by Simon Heymans
  •     "Tell al Zaatar (La colline du thym)" by Sarah Carlot Jaber

6 advanced projects (with a producer):

  •     "Le rocher des grands malades" by Caroline Bruyr (Calach Films)
  •     "L’or rouge" by Mathieu Volpe (Les Films du Fleuve)
  •     "Trouver place" by Anne Levy-Morelle (Need Productions)
  •     "Derrière la porte" by Julien Demarche (White Boat Pictures)
  •     "Pêcher" by Cécile Rittweger (Iota Productions)
  •     "Quand ce sera la fin du monde, on sera riches" by Rémi Allier (Wrong Men)


More information on the website:



10 emerging projects (without a producer):

  • "Droit au but" by Nabil Rian
  • "Hamza Mercury" by Monir Ait-hamou & Ish Ait-hamou
  • "Les méduses" by Ely Chevillot
  • "A la recherche de la bite magique" by Nina Vanspranghe
  • "Belladone" by Maxime Pistorio
  • "Volcanos" by Camille Picquet
  • "La récolte des dattes" by Amel Benaïssa
  • "Silence" by Carol Van Hemelrijck
  • "Maïa" by Lou du Pontavice
  • "Transparency" by Noha Choukrallah

6 advanced projects (with a producer):

  • "Petite Reine" by Jonas d'Adeski
  • "Le dernier des dinosaures" by Sacha Feiner
  • "Bagarre" by Catherine Cosmes
  • "Le Syndrome des amours passés'' by Ann Sirot & Raphael Balboni
  • "Le fils du Flamand" by Alexandre Jallali

4 low-budget projects supported by the Cinema Centre of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation:

  • "Chiennes de vies" by Xavier Seron
  • "La salle des pas perdus" by Roda Fawaz & Thibaut Wohlfahrt
  • "Les enfants perdus" by Michèle Jacob & Ben Dessy
  • "Pèlerinage" by Maarten Loix.
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