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MUSIC: Better Call an Expert

The BRIFF’s 2023 edition is over. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming 2024 edition!

This activity is organised in French and in English

For: producers, composers, directors

In partnership with the SABAM

Music : Better Call an Expert is coming back for the third time on July 4th with its One-to-one Meetings to propose free consultations of 30’ for any legal questions about musical rights in cinema. You have been dreaming of a specific soundtrack for your film but have no clue if you’re allowed to use it? You need to sign an author’s contract and it looks like complete gibberish to you? You’re facing a complicated issue and have no idea where to start? You don’t know what are your rights? Whatever the nature of your question is, the expert appointed is able to guide you, inform you or help you find solutions.

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