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Screenwriter's Day

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Couldn’t make it for the live event ? Check out the broadcasting here

For whom?

Screenwriters, experienced or at the beginning of their career

This year, mediarte and Amplo join the Brussels International Film Festival, the SACD, deAuteurs, the ASA and the Scenaristengilde in organizing a special day dedicated to screenwriters. Beginners and working professionals, we will welcome you on September 6 for a full day of discussions and shared experiences around the different challenges and stakes of the profession, whichever stage you are at in your career.


Overview of the programme:


  • 11AM-1PM:The sessions will be simultaneously organised in French and Dutch.
      • For the Dutch-speaking session:

    Moderator: Aminata Demba

    Speakers: Miwako Van Weyenberg, Amplo (Jan Douws), mediarte (Louis Van de Leest), deAuteurs (Ilse Schooneknaep), VAF (An Feyfer)

      • For the French-speaking session:

    Moderators: Aurélie Wijnants, Anouchka Walewyk

    Speakers: Anne-Lise Morin, Micha Wald, Amplo (Manon Vadelorge) mediarte (Virginie Grulois), SACD (Gabriela Marchese: two sessions dedicated to beginners to get more insight into how to lead you career as a screenwriter. How can you convince a producer? How do you draft a contract? Should you register in a copyright agency? etc. For each session, two screenwriters will answer all your questions and share with you their experience regarding the beginning of their career and their evolution, the pitfalls to avoid and the steps that should not be missed.


  • 3PM-5PM: an English-speaking session dedicated to working professionals based on the whole Belgian territory and focused on the opportunities brought by the rise of digital platforms. Even though they are becoming more and more important in the cinematographic industry, these platforms still seem inaccessible when it comes to proposing your project as a screenwriter. How do you internationalize your content? How do you write a series for international platforms? How do you pitch to them? How do you present yourself to them. Do you need a producer to manage in reaching them? etc. These are some of the questions that will be answered by our panel of professionals who, in their career, have had the opportunity to work within the digital industry.
    • Moderator: Jean-Luc Goossens (screenwriter, President of the Belgian committee of the SACD)
    • Speakers: François Touwaide (producer of the Belgian series Into the Night for Netflix), Nico Moolenaar (screenwriter of the Belgian series Undercover broadcasted on Netflix ), Claire Dixsaut (pitch expert), Peter Vindevogel (Streamz CEO), Marie Roussin (creator and showrunner of the series broadcasted on Amazon Prime)


  • 6PM: a networking cocktail at the BRIFF Village (Place de Brouckère). Only for participants of the live event.


Anne-Lise Morin : Ce qui demeure (writer & director, short film, Helicotronc, 2016), Coyotes (co-creator of the series with Vincent Lavachery and Axel du Bus, Panache Productions – RTBF, 2021), Les Intranquilles (co-writer of Joaquim Lafosse’s feature, Stenola Productions, 2021)

Micha Wald : Voleurs de chevaux (writer & director, feature, Versus production, 2006), Simon Konianski (writer & director, feature, Versus production, 2009), Cavale (writer of Virginie Gourmel’s feature, Artemis Productions, 2019)

Aurélie Wijnants : Portrait de Nobel (writer & director, documentary, Eloges-RTB, 2012F), Un Mariage heureux (writer & director, short film, in  post-production, Taste It), Unité 42 (season 3, co-writer of 1 episode with Marie Enthoven under the direction of Charlotte Joulia, Steel Fish Pictures), Mauvais genre (co-creator of the series with  Ondine Stenuit, in development, Steel Fish Pictures)

Anouchka Walewyk : A Magical Journey (co-writer of Olias Barco’s feature, 2019), Frangine$ (co-creator of the short series, in post-production, Beluga Tree-Girafeo-RTBF), Syndrome (co-creator of the series, in development, Artémis Productions-RTBF)

Miwako Van Weyenberg : Hitorikko (Only Child) (writer & director short film, RITCS, 2014 – VAF Wildcard), Il Faisait Noir (writer & director, short film, RITCS, 2015), Zomerregen (Summer Rain) (writer & director, short film, Prime Time, 2017), Soft Leaves (writer & director, feature, Prime Time, in development)

Nico Molenaar : Vermist (showrunner seasons 5-6, Vier, 2010-2014), Aspe (screenwriter, VTM, 2010-2012), Spitsbroers (screenwriter, VTM, 2017), Undercover (creator and showrunner of the series, Eén/Netflix, 2019-2020), Ferry (screenwriter and  creative producer of the series, Netflix,2021)

Jean-Luc Goossens : Le Divin Enfant (screenwriter, feature, Stéphane Clavier, 2001), Astérix et les Vikings (screenwriter, animated feature, Stefan Fjeldmark & Jesper Möller, M6 Studio, 2006), Lettre à France (screenwriter, feature, Stéphane Clavier, 2015), Chaleur sans frontières (co-screenwriter, feature, Ivan Goldschmidt, Sténola, in development)

Marie Roussin : Odysseus  (writer, 3 episodes, Making Prod & GMT, Arte, 2010-2011), CUT (creator of the series, Terence Film, France Ô, 2014), Borgia (season 3, "shadow writer" with Tom Fontana, writer (1 episode), Atlantique Productions, Canal +), Un Village Français (seasons 5, 6 et 7, Tetramedia, France 3, 2012-2016),  Les Bracelets Rouges (writing supervision, Vema Productions, TF1, 2015-2016), Mixte (creator and showrunner of the series, Amazon Prime, 2021)

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