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Screenwriters’ Day

The BRIFF’s 2022 edition is over. Stay tuned for more information on the upcoming 2023 edition!

This activity is organised in French, English, Dutch

For: screenwriters (beginners & professionals)

The Screenwriters’ Dayis a special event dedicated to screenwriters, both beginners and working professionals. This day of exchanges is based on round tables where the speakers, sharing their experiences, give some insight into the stakes of the profession throughout the different stages of a career.


2022 Programme:


  • 11am-1pm: ‘Developing a script: the key milestones, from the first idea to the implementation of the project’ (two simultaneous sessions in French & Dutch)

How do you start and develop a project? How and when in the writing process should you contact producers? How do you present a project for a series to Belgian TV networks? How do you know if your idea is going to be attractive to producers, broadcasters? Should you look for partners in Belgium or abroad?

These are some of the questions that the panel of speakers tried to answer by looking into the case study of a project. They focused on the generalities of project development while presenting some specificities related to the case presented.

  • 3pm-5pm: “Show me the money: How to make a living as a screenwriter” (English-speaking session)

Making a living as a screenwriter and having it recognized as such is a major challenge for the profession. Screenwriters with different backgrounds and experiences, as well as French and Dutch speaking legal experts, answered this question, touching on different aspects such as remuneration (what can generate revenue for a screenwriter? what should I look out for when signing a contract?) but also diversifying one's activity (how can I move from one project to another? what are the cornerstones of a sustainable career? can I work on both sides of the linguistic border in Belgium?)


In partnership with Amplo and mediarte

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